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5 Reasons why Businesses Should use Social Media

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Social media has revolutionised the way people communicate. It offers real benefits for those businesses that adopt it.

What was once considered an unconventional marketing tool has now evolved and become a core component of a business’ marketing plan. According to a recent Sensis report, 79 percent of Australians now use social media. Of those users, 64 percent of them said that social media had influenced their trust in a brand.

There are many reasons why businesses should actively engage in social media. Here are five top reasons for using social media in your business:

1.  It's more targeted 

Knowing your target market has always been key for business growth. What makes social media unique, is that it provides further insight into your potential or existing customers.

Online campaigns enable businesses to target niche markets based on their customers’ personal information (be it age, gender, relationship status and interests). Understanding your target audience and their motivations can help you refine your marketing strategy.

It may also uncover new opportunities based on the analysis of your customers’ online interactions and behaviours.

2.  Improves conversion rates 

Social media has given businesses new channels to communicate with customers. Every time you engage with a customer online, it is an opportunity to progress them through the next stage of the buyer’s journey. This can be achieved by sharing valuable and relevant content, while responding to reviews or answering questions online, helps build rapport.

3.  Provides valuable insights 

It’s all in the data. Social media reporting and monitoring tools have the ability to gather incredible amounts of customer data that users willingly provide. This data can help define your communication strategy. With access to such valuable insights, you can develop an online voice and personality that resonates with your customers. Authenticity inspires trust. Using the right tone with your customers can speak volumes.

4.  Increases website traffic

Any business that embarks on social media should already have a website. This is because every social media profile you add to your marketing mix becomes a gateway to your website. 

Any content or thought leadership posted online should always drive customers back to your website. The more relevant website traffic you can generate from your social media profiles; the better your chances of converting visitors into paying customers.

5.  Cost effective 

Having a presence across several different social networks can be considerably less expensive than traditional types of marketing. Creating a profile is free for most social media platforms. Paid advertising can start at as little as $20 a day.

Gone are the days of blanket advertising. Not only can you define your target market but you also have the power to control when your advertising will appear.

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